Welcome to The Catechetical Review, an international quarterly catechetical journal primarily written for Directors of Religious Education, catechetical leaders, religious educators, youth ministers, RCIA coordinators and anyone involved in faith formation. Its contributors, who aim to help in the formation of all those in a position to hand on the faith, come from academic catechetics faculties and “from the field”.

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Articles from the Most Recent Issue

Three Roles of Lay Catechists: The Vocation of the Catholic School Teacher
By Dr. Gerard O'Shea
In 1977, I began my work as a teacher in a Catholic school, and I have been involved with this vocation, in one way or another, for the whole of my adult life. For my heritage, I had inspiring predecessors who had worked hard to establish a Catholic educational system in my country of Australia. It seems that a major effort of evangelization for... Read more
Los tres papeles de los catequistas laicos: La vocación del maestro de escuela católica
By Dr. Gerard O'Shea
En 1977, comencé mi carrera como docente en una escuela católica, y de una manera u otra, he estado activo en esta vocación, durante toda mi vida adulta. En cuanto a mi herencia, tengo predecesores inspiradores quienes se empeñaron por establecer un sistema educativo católico en mi país, Australia. Parece que para la Iglesia Católica a lo largo... Read more
Best Friends: Peer Groups and the Moral Life
By Sr. Eleanor Gibson
When I had an opportunity to return to study in England after many years of active missionary life in East Africa, I took the opportunity to investigate the phenomenon of “school strikes” in Kenya in the hope of understanding what they were saying about moral decision making in adolescents. The school strike is a problem that has bedevilled Kenyan... Read more


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