Welcome to The Catechetical Review, an international quarterly catechetical journal primarily written for Directors of Religious Education, catechetical leaders, religious educators, youth ministers, RCIA coordinators and anyone involved in faith formation. Its contributors, who aim to help in the formation of all those in a position to hand on the faith, come from academic catechetics faculties and “from the field”.

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Articles from the Most Recent Issue

Inspired Through Art: The Crucifixion and The Harrowing of Hell
By Linus Meldrum
An Anonymous Renaissance Master, 1550-1575 “Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up” (Jn 3:13). “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself” (Jn 12:32). The anonymous artist who painted these two images was likely a member of the workshop of Hans Mielich, a German... Read more
St. John Vianney – A Saint of the New Evangelization, Part 3: The Holiness of the Catechist
By Bishop Mark Davies
Free In this final installment, we reflect on the most essential characteristic of an effective catechist for the new evangelization: allowing Christ to transform us through holiness of life. Among all of the words spoken during the pontificate of Blessed Paul VI, there is one phrase most often repeated today that came to prominence in one of his last... Read more
The Spiritual Life: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and Contemplative Prayer, Part 3: Deep Silence
By Dr. Anthony Lilles
Deep silence might have been easier for Saint Elizabeth’s contemporaries to appreciate. They were spared the ceaseless sound of surrounding traffic, jets, and blaring music. Yet in other ways, early 20th Century industrial France had instilled the same sense to which we are tempted to succumb: to see ourselves as no more than a cog in wheel of... Read more


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