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To read this article in Spanish, click here . What do you remember of your first day of Grade One? My memory gave prophetic purpose and life-long value to my life! After taking roll and assigning seats to her 120 students (not a typographical error!), petite Sister St. Rose announced that our first lesson would be the most important lesson of our lives. She distributed our first catechism book and directed us to lesson one. With pencil in hand, we circled question numbers one, two, and three. Sister instructed us in the meaning of the words and told us to... Read more
El papel de la familia como modelo catequético para el ministerio hispano Cuando tenía unos doce años de edad, fui a la casa de un compañero para visitarlo. Él había nacido en los Estados Unidos de América, pero sus papás habían nacido y se habían criado en Polonia y habían inmigrado a Chicago siendo jóvenes adultos. Esa tarde, estábamos en la planta alta jugando un juego de mesa cuando su mamá llamó desde el sótano, donde estaba terminando con el lavado de la ropa. Le llamó, “Tony! Trow me down da stairs a rag!” (“¡Tony! Lánzame escalones abajo un trapo!”)... Read more
The Role of the Family as the Catechetical Model for Hispanic Ministry To read this article in Spanish, click here. When I was about 12 years old, I visited a classmate at his home. He had been born in the United States of America, but his parents were born and raised in Poland and had immigrated to Chicago as young adults. On that afternoon, we were upstairs playing a board game when his mother called up from the basement, where she was finishing up the laundry. She called, “Tony! Trow me down da stairs a rag!” He and I looked... Read more
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En el año 2005, la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos publicó el documento titulado, The National Directory for Catechesis [El directorio nacional para la catequesis], lo cual declara, “toda persona con discapacidad tiene necesidades catequéticas que la comunidad cristiana tiene el deber de reconocer y satisfacer. Toda persona bautizada con discapacidad tiene el derecho a una catequesis adecuada y merece los medios para desarrollar su relación con Dios.” [1] Mi interés y participación en la formación religiosa de niños con discapacidades tiene sus raíces en mi experiencia personal. Al buscar respuestas acerca de lo que mejor nos... Read more
The language of discernment has its pitfalls. Often, such language is employed by Catholics to cover over a significant fear of commitment. For example, a young man may be “discerning” a vocation to the priesthood. Such discernment could be a good insofar as he is engaging regularly with a spiritual director, attending daily Mass, and praying the Divine Office. It could also be the case that the young man’s “discernment” is really a matter of relying solely upon his affections to assess the validity of the priestly call. He assumes he is “called” to the priesthood only when he feels... Read more
At this October’s gathering of the Synod of Bishops, the universal Church takes up the important question of “young people, the faith and discernment.” This issue of The Catechetical Review is inspired by this same theme, featuring a number of very fine articles exploring vocational discernment, but also several which examine more broadly how we can strengthen our approaches to helping others seek God’s will. In these pages, we join our chief shepherds in seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance regarding this spiritual practice that is so vital to the life of the Church and to the flourishing of our young... Read more