The Deacon and His Mission in the Word

Authored by Deacon James Keating in Issue #2.4 of The Catechetical Review

During the ordination rite of a man who is becoming a deacon, the bishop presents him with a Book of the Gospels. This presentation has significance as it symbolizes the new preoccupation of his ecclesial activity: proclamation, preaching, and instruction. In light of this presentation of the Gospels, a deacon’s imagination ought to now draw spiritual life primarily from Scripture. Utilizing such an imagination he ought to become one of his diocese’s best pastoral instructors in Word and doctrine. Deacons can, therefore, consider three vocational truths: first, the deacon is empowered to proclaim the Gospel at Mass; second, he is obligated to pray the Scriptures each day through the Liturgy of the Hours; and finally, he is commended to ponder the Word of God daily as spiritual reading. Entrusted with these responsibilities, a deacon may receive a call to further study and so become a more competent catechist.

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