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Encountering God in Catechesis

Authored by Catechists' Personal Testimonies in Issue #1.4 of Catechetical Review
We invite you to read the following testimony from a catechist, in the hope that, as you respond to your own vocation, you may also find ways of Encountering God in Catechesis. I left work one December afternoon with a headache, stinging and tired eyes, and a heart full of frustration. It is not glamorous being on the front lines of the battle for evangelization. This particular instance of frustration was the result of my reaction to a hormonal, assertive, struggling-with-senioritis, existentially confused 18-year-old male in my Church History class. He marched into the room, roused his fellow students, and started a small rebellion insisting that we postpone the test until tomorrow. Why? Because he wanted an extra day to study. In my eyes, the kid was disrespectful, defiant, and ill-prepared. My very being rebelled at the idea of responding in a loving, Christian manner. I pulled this young rioting gentleman aside after the test to call him out for his behavior, fully expecting him to apologize, and all I got was more disrespect. So, like a good religion teacher, I marched my indignant self over to the chapel later that day to deal with my emotions welling up inside. What did Christ the Teacher say to me in that sacred moment? “It’s not about you. Get over it and move on with your day.” Ouch! Not exactly what I wanted to hear! Yet, as I drove home that afternoon, speaking intimately to God and asking him the best way to respond to this student who was such a “thorn in my side,” I rediscovered my own unworthiness and inadequacy.

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