Organize a Strike Against the Devil

Authored by Amelia Streit in Issue #34.4 of The Sower

Amelia Streit reminds us that by our lives and observances, as well as our words, we give an initial witness and proclamation to the Gospel.

“The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.”[i] Jesus tells us that the Father has set aside a special day for human beings. What dignity he has given us! Undoubtedly, this is what irritates proud Satan. He tries in various times and places to change our outlook on the observance of the Lord’s Day.

As members of the Universal Union of Free Catholic Workers ( i.e. The Church Militant), we should take every opportunity to register our “protest against the servitude of work and worship of money.”[ii] God does not require working automatons! He is not asking us to stop providing for our families. He is asking us to share the good things of creation. Catechists have a special mission to be strike organizers. They can teach about the history of observance of the Third Commandment, and promote ideas on how to apply this today.

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