RCIA: Letters to Julie

Authored by Teresa Kehoe in Issue #34.3 of The Sower

Dear Teresa,

Thank you for the help you gave me. It makes total sense that we should start with evangelisation, and looking to the Rites has been amazing in that it has helped me really engage with this period. I was going to ask you about the next stage, but something has come up. At the Easter Vigil, we had a small group received into the Church and then that was it for them. It struck me that this seems odd. I worry about one of them in particular as this person has no Catholic support network and her sponsor no longer calls her either. So often it seems that people lapse in their new found faith, and I wonder if this may be one reason why. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your letter. How interesting that you raise this point and how right you are to raise it. If you look at the Rites, you will see that this is not the end, but the period of the neophyte year which includes 7 weeks postbaptismal catechesis which is called mystagogy.

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