On the Spot: Drawn by Delight

Authored by Amette Ley in Issue #34.1 of The Sower

‘On the Spot’ aims to highlight some of the complex positions, questions and comments experienced by Catechists, teachers and parents. It tries to outline the knowledge necessary to be faithful to Church teaching and which will best help those we teach who call us to account for the hope that is in us. [cf I Peter 3:15]

This time we look at the ways in which we can help adults respond to the grace of God which draws the human mind and spirit towards him who is the desire of every heart.

The analogy of a feast is central to the Christian life. Our Baptism is a washing and making ready for this feast; a “Nuptial Bath” preceding the wedding feast of the Eucharist. (CCC 1617) Not only do we share in the life of the Blessed Trinity even now through our participation in this holy food, but we also look forward to the Heavenly Banquet, the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

This imagery is not accidental. The need for food is universal and draws everyone by their desire to eat. Anyone who is no longer interested in food is probably sick or dead, unless they have deliberately tamed their physical appetites for some purpose. Our daily lives are punctuated by our interaction with food, and every celebration or occasion will be marked with a meal of some kind. We are drawn to food by our human need to eat or die, even though we frequently eat more, and more richly, than is necessary for our health. We are drawn by the loveliness of fresh, well prepared food; its smell, its appearance, the promise of relaxation and laughter with friends and family. We are drawn by our own delight.

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