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Msgr. Paul J. Watson

Photo of Monsignor Paul J Watson in Birmingham, England

Msgr. Paul J. Watson is the Director Emeritus of Maryvale Institute, where he teaches Scripture, spirituality and catechesis. Ordained January 12, 1974, he has served as pastor for many parishes. He was awarded an S.T.L. Summa Cum Laude (Spirituality) from Gregorian University in Rome, and has written a course book for Maryvale’s BA in Applied Theology / BA Divinity on the “Church’s Developing Vision of Catechesis” as well as a course book on "The Christian Tradition of Spiritual Formation" for the MA in Religious and Educational Studies. Msgr. Paul jointly launched, and regularly contributes to, a monthly magazine Bible Alive of Scriptural catechesis and personal spirituality. 

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